You Know I Ain't Lion

Well, it's that time. New mix. And yeah, it contains a track from the Monkees and a track from Captain Beefheart. On the same mix. Ladies, and gents, say "hello," to Flyin' Lion.

Like I said, we have the Monkees and Captain Beefheart on here, but we also have tracks from Ganglians, Blind Pilot, America, the Raveonettes, Chuck Berry, Robyn Hitchcock, Harpers Bizarre and Harlem Shakes. It'll cool you off as you're sweating your you-know-what's off in the August blazes.

1. "Look out to sea, find a small island."
2. "My trigger finger's itchin'."
3. "You're beside yourself."
4. "Some day I may see the truth of what you told me."
5. "I think I slipped. I think I fell."
6. "Three roses were born with you in mind."
7. "You'll be having my head, big as a birthday."
8. "Wait for our worlds to collide."
9. "Singin' 'Kai-kai-yippie, kai-kai-yippie-yippie-yay.'"
10. "Someone tell me what's goin' on."
11. "Hallucinate, my love."
12. "I get a strange feeling when I hear you talk."
13. "Summer's here and the time is right."
14. "To see you baby in the same old lovin' way."
15. "Makes my pulse go! Go! Go!"
16. "Always run behind the sun."
17. "I don't run around with no mob."
18. "Blame dad."
19. "They wanna know what really means the most to you."
20. "If you came back as the deep sea, I'd come back as the salt."

Download it here. It's added to the Master List along with any BRR Mixtape Brigade mixes made over this month. Anybody else get one done?

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GhostMane said...

I got mine done last night