Big Baby

So, I hate Glenn Beck. But you knew that, right? And no, I'm not going to talk about how sponsors are pulling their advertisements from his show in response to his bigoted and wrong-headed comments about how our president is a racist. You know, our half-white president who was raised by white people? That guy?

And I'm not going to talk about how the Birthers are a bunch of (possibly racist) ding-dongs who just need to bite down and deal with it for the next few years like all us Democrats had to do during the last administration. I'm not going to link to this great Let's Be Friends Again strip where Hawkman calls out Superman for his lack of a birth certificate. I'm not going to "go there," if you will.

And I'm even not going to address the violent nutjobs at the town halls meetings who don't know their socialism from their Nazism and tote firearms while holding signs (like this one, that touches on issues that are actually important) and yelling about killing old people and stuff. The health care reform debate and the circus of partisan insanity it has become can be left in more capable hands than mine.

No, I'm going to elevate the political discourse around here ... by talking about how Glenn Beck looks like a baby. Classy, I know. I mean, we all know he's a crybaby, but it seems like whenever I point out that Beck looks like a baby in a suit, people have a hard time visualizing what I mean. Then I'm like screaming at them, going, "No, it's like if you took a baby and dressed him up in a man's clothes and gave him a microphone and he said whatever goo-goo gaa-gaa poo-poo pee-pee stuff that popped into his baby head and OH MAAAAAN! I HATE GLENN BECK! HULK SMASH!!!"


Well, citizens, now I have photographic proof of my theorem. Behold:

Boom. Shakka. Lakka.

The image on the right is Glenn Beck. The image on left via the venerable Manbabies.com.


Patti said...

I have ALWAYS thought he looked like a man baby. Big time baby face, and not in a good way.

I am not a fan. Like AT ALL.

Thank you for giving me a place to say that.

P.S. I'm holding back.

Mr. Philippe said...

Three words: "Boom. Shakka. Lakka."

jason quinones said...

to say glen beck looks like a man baby (although correct) shows a lot of self restraint on your part because i would have said that glenn beck looks more like an idiot-!#@$&*-man-!@#$%*-baby! i'm not as sassy classy as you.

that man bay site is truly disturbing.

b3n said...

I've been waiting for this one. Thank you, BRR. Also, send a link to my Dad so he can read it. He'd like it.

chanel said...

don't take this the wrong way... but, i love you.

barlows said...

Do you have a fan club? I wanna join. And I'll wear a shirt that says Boom. Shakka. Lakka.