That's how many days it's been since I last blogged. Lame.

So anyway, in honor of my 12 day absence, here's a list of 12 things that have crossed my mind over the last almost-fortnight:

1. Congratulations, Ganglians on making my favorite album of 2009 so far, Monster Head Room, a collection of breezy, stoned, folky pop. Good job, weirdos.

2. I read Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple's Omega the Unknown a little while back and man, that is some *really* good stuff. Disembodied hand people, fast food clones, crazy robot parents, sentient statues, bizarre aliens and branded celebrity superheroes abound. I wish more superhero comics published by the Big Two had the guts to be this bonkers. For those of you interested in comics, this one comes highly recommended.

3. I've been taking a buttload of pictures lately. You can check them out over in my Flickr stream.

4. I've been splitting my TV time between finishing up my rewatch of season 2 of Lost as well as the first season of The Mighty Boosh. So basically, my nights are so full of awesome that I am forced to fall asleep on my couch in incredibly uncomfortable positions at approximately 11:15 every night because I am old and my body can't process that much cool TV.

5. Curt and Chris from the always entertaining Let's Be Friends Again were recently interviewed on the People You Don't Know podcast. As a reserve member of the LBFA team (I'm like the D-Man to their two-man Avengers team), it is my duty to inform you that you can listen to the interview here or download it on iTunes. Also, I was a little disappointed that both of these Memphians didn't have thicker Southern accents. I was expecting some serious Foghorn Leghorn stuff. Very disappointing, guys. Also also, keep yr eyes peeled for some new merch over there sometime in the near future.

6. HOBODARKSEID is really making life like a billion times better. It's occasionally a little racy, but if you're on Twitter and like hobos, Darkseid or both, you should probably be following this cat. The idea of the lord of Apokalips rooting through a dumpster for Anti-Life and/or bits of discarded taco meat is probably the funniest thing I've come across in a while.

7. Any time you feel all contented, like you're really good at your job or whatever, and you're a totally productive member of society, think about this: by the year's end, Robert Pollard will have released 6 albums. How many did you release?

8. Still scared of being mauled by bears.

9. My cutie wife and I went and saw (500) Days of Summer this past weekend and, well, it was alright. Everybody, it seemed, was falling over themselves to praise it (Entertainment Weekly gave it a solid "A," and it is currently 89% fresh over at Rotten Tomatoes), so we figured, "why not?" Like I said, it's a decent "Magic Girlfriend," movie (see also Garden State, or Elizabethtown for other films in the genre), even though I felt like the whole thing was done better 30+ years ago in Annie Hall. And for all the squawking about how great the soundtrack was, again, I was less than impressed. I know I'm a music snob, but it was like a Pandora channel where somebody typed "Indie" into the search bar and walked away to flip through an Urban outfitters catalog. Though I will say that it has the best use of Hall & Oates in a film since that one Ryan made that had his brother-in-law in it. Ryan, you know the one I'm talking about.

10. If you think health reform is unnecessary, you should try and get your insurance - which you pay good money for - to cover, well, anything out of the ordinary, really. Also, despite what the fearmongers may be saying, a public option is just that: an option. Nobody's talking about taking over anything. Let's all just chill out and stop yelling.

11. I've started and quit two "real books," over the last few weeks. I really want to read Haruki Murakami's Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World but will have to wait until Labor Day when my brother's kindly sending me his copy. In the meantime, it's comics (I'm on volume four of Urusawa's manga series, Monster), and, if I'm feeling brave, maybe that new Pynchon book? We'll see.

12. In hindsight, I don't think Jar Jar was all that bad. In fact, I kind of like that guy. Discuss.


jason quinones said...

1. i've been meaning to read omega the unknown but my tolerance for big volumes of words (even with pictures) is at an all time low lately. damn you ipod!

2. a buttload of anything just doesn't sound good. at least not to me.

3. i need to listen to that LBFA podcast. i too have wondered what they sound like. still kickin myself that i never got to see those guys when they came to nyc for the mocca festival. prob for the best anyway. i'm a tool in person.

4. saw 500 days with my wife as well. thought it was cute. i guess i fell for it but it's quite cliched as well: cheesy dance sequence,a person least likely to deal out sage like advise like it's common knowledge(the sister), and a total set up for a sequel.

and is it really that unique to find someone as into the smiths as you????

chanel said...

i liked #9 your wife is dang cute &(i do remember that HORRIBLE movie- nightmares!!) and #10- THANK YOU!!! GEEZ!