Let's Get Lost

It's been a while since we did one of these, hasn't it? So let's do this. What questions do you have about my favorite show and yours, Lost, now that the Final Season's upon us? Leave your question in the comment section and in my next post, I'll answer your questions to the best of my limited ability.

Remember: there's no such thing as a stupid question. Well, okay, there is, but I promise not to make fun of you too much if you should happen to ask one.


chanel said...

im so smart, im actually "getting" it. are you so proud of me?????
so my only question is what is going to happen next????

alliehoopes said...

do you think libby is david's mother? since her old husband's name was david before she gave david's boat to desmond? does it matter? will jack ever cut his hair? why is the island underwater?

rose said...

you already answered some questions (thank you) but i have more!
walt is in NY, right? but where is he in this story? didn't the others say he was the chosen one? did that story already resolve itself and i just forgot it did?
fake john locke (smoke monster, whoever you want to call him) was chasing that boy - that's jacob, right? why could sawyer see him?
and ditto on the island being underwater. why?

rose said...

more questions after last night's episode:
-how are the smoke monster dude and jacob tied to the island?
-why was jacob looking for candidates? is he just looking for one candidate?
-who is coming to the island? who was jacob waiting for?
-why is everyone connected to the island?
-did ben make a deal with the smoke monster dude?
-what happened to richard alpert?
-will jin and sun be separated in the flash sideways story as well?

b3n said...

My question is: Why do you write "Lost" instead of "LOST". I totally dig the second way of writing it.