Better Late Than Never, Right?

February's mixtape! Did you think I was lying when I said I'd get it done? Well, here it is, because I don't lie, man:

This mix pretty much rocks. Harlem, TMBG, a Jens Lekman cover, the VU, Cake, Vampire Weekend, the Outsiders, Spoon and lots more.

01. "What's broken can always be fixed, and what's fixed can always be broken."
02. "I'm just as see-through as Casper the Ghost."
03. "And those golden faces are under 25."
04. "Hear me baby sayin' I'm comin' home."
05. "I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm. I am an actual worm. I live like a worm."
06. "A doctor said 'Your wounds!' and stitched up his broken ego."
07. "Love ain't far."
08. "Well, a lot of good cars are Japanese, but when we're driving far I need my baby here with me."
09. "Those victory laps and Sgt. Pepper tones."
10. "Yes, a penguin taught me French back in Antarctica."
11. "You were born with ten fingers and you're gonna use em all."
12. "This couldn't be more ghetto."
13. "And on the final day of our Eastern journey, we went and talked to a psychic attorney."
14. "Do the Twist & Stomp, the Mashed Potato, too. Any old dance that you wanna do."
15. "Read everything you can read and learn everything you can learn."
16. "I have my brown sound jacket, Queen of Call Collect on my arm."
17. "It is a shame, it is a pity when you can't raise the energy to get from A to B."
18. "No more cops left to mess you around, no more dreams of mystery chords."
19. "Two TV sets and two Cadillac cars? That ain't gonna help me at all. Not one tiny bit."
20. "So who's the people with the peepholes in their smiles?"


Download it here. The Master List is here and it's been updated for all recent Brigade member mixes, which, by the way, anybody else want to join?


mancalledsun said...

This mix's cover art totally flicked my funny bone. I'm sitting here chuckling and snorting to myself. People are eyeballing me. Thanks.

Geek+Nerd said...

How does one join the brigade and what do you have to do? Just create a monthly mix?

Dylan said...

@Nick: Yeah, I keep doing the same thing. Googly eyes = laffs galore.

@Geek+Nerd: That's pretty much all there is to it. Easy peasy. Here is the post where I introduced the concept. Usually the members will let me know when they have it posted so I can link to it and add it to the Master List.