I Am Overly Excited For This Album

Okay, so LCD Soundsystem's self-titled debut was one of the surprise favorites that I purchased last year. I had heard a couple of singles on MTV2's Subterranean show as well as a couple sprinkled through Gap Muzak CD's and liked what I heard, but didn't quite "get it." I think I worried that liking this sort-of-dance music would mean that I'd have to become a "techno guy," and... well, I'm not that hep on a lifestyle change at this point in my life. It's sort of the same thing with hip-hop, y'know? I'm not a "Hip-Hop Guy." It's just not me. It requires a level of commitment I am not ready to agree too. Not now. Maybe not ever.

Anyway, so I went back-and-forth on it ("I dunno Dylan, that 'Daft Punk Is Playing At My House,' song makes you want to shake your tailfeathers... ADMIT IT!!!" And yes, I always have a highly accusatory internal monologue...) until I was talking with Jesse when I had dinner with him in NYC last February and he gave it the green light, so I downloaded it. And lemme tell you, I Wore. That. Album. Out.

And, lo and behold, I'm still the same old Dylan. I have no desire to check out the Chemical Brothers or buy a pair of raver pants from Hot Topic or shake glow-sticks while sucking on a pacifier while also wearing a Cat In the Hat hat and tripping on ecstacy.

In fact, once I heard the album, I recognized a lot of what I love: shades of Brian Eno, Modern Lovers wry wit, punk rock sound/ethos and 80's Talking Heads white-boy funk all peeking out from behind some solid grooves. Basically, it kicked major Pic-ass-o, if you know what I mean [a-wink, wink].

So anyway, the follow-up album, Sound Of Silver is out next week. I am really far too excited for its release. Here's the video for the first single, "North American Scum":

So yeah, the video's dumb, but it's a good taste of what LCD Soundsystem (which is really just James Murphy) does best: fun, somewhat absurd, punk-rock dance music. What more do you people want? Buy the new album or kittens die.

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