Oh, I Got A Calling Already

During our second week at out new ward I got a calling. Our records weren't even here and I got a calling. Welcome to "Not the West." I am second counselor in the Young Men's Presidency.

This means I am also the Deacons quorum adviser.

And Assistant Scoutmaster. Or shoud I say Assistant to the Scoutmaster? Do they make a patch for that?

Anyway, to celebrate, I threw this little graphic together from pages of an old Boy Scout manual I keep handy. There are some incredible illustrations in there as well as some very helpful advice on snakebites and the tying of knots. Is there anything more breathtaking than a properly tied sheet-shank? Wild stallions running free through the sagebrush, perhaps? A moonlit night on a pristine white beach? A Cuban sandwich with both pulled pork and ham on it? Other than those, not much. Oh, a unicorn, maybe?

I digress.

Hopefully I'll get around to posting some more illos one of these days. I'd love to rip off this blog, as it is mind-blowingly rad, but I'm nowhere near that cool. Instead you will get the usual nonsense about dinosaur parts and spaceships and bigfoots. In other words, "business as usual." Still you might be seeing some installments of random art here, now that I'll be creating and archiving for my own sanity more than anything.

Anyway, here's my scout piece:

I like how the type on the left sort of says "Don't panic. You are you." I just realized that. Huh. Weird. Or have I lost my mind? In any case I will lose it soon enough.[sigh] Deacons? Alright. I guess I'd better start brushing up on my fart jokes.


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Allen TenBusschen said...

Classic! Assistant TO the scout master. wow thought I finally got around to watching the season finale to The office
my dreams have come true JIM and PAM