The Short Long Weekend

Oh three-day weekend, why must you leave so soon? It seems like just as we're really starting to, you know, connect, you take off. Are you afraid of commitment? Is that it? Or is it me? It's me, isn't it? I can change. I'll start dressing differently, change my hair, watch more PBS. Whatever I need to do to make it work between us, I'll do it. Just please, please come back, baby. Please?

Anyway, so the big weekend was fun. We went out to Legacy Village (pronounced: "Ritzy Shopping Center That's Like Forever Far Away") to get our computer fixed at the Apple store out there, as it wasn't powering on after a brownout late last week (which is why Candace was all, "I'm Back!" and then didn't post for three days). And here's where I drop some knowledge on you: if your Mac isn't working and you're taking it into the Apple store for repair, make sure you have an appointment at the Genius Bar! This is important. It is also something that you're not told up front, so if you just drive across town with your family, getting unbelievably lost a number of times along the way and everybody's screaming ata everybody else and you show up at the Apple store expecting to drop your computer off or whatever, this. will. not. happen. It is a fantasy conditioned in your mind by Best Buy. You must have an appointment.

So, yeah. We got there and I tried to just drop off my Mac and had to make another appointment to meet with a Genius (Hey, do you think the other employees give them a hard time? Like when they break the fax machine they're ll "Way to go Genius! Duh!") Monday morning because the next available appointment was three hours from then and, dang dude, I gotta take my pretty lady (and our little baby) out for dinner, yo.

So yeah, we went out for our anniversary. Seven years! Time really does fly when you're having fun. I took my fine-lookin lady out to Melt, where everybody has a lot of tattoos and they cover the gigantic sandwiches with prodigious amounts of cheese. Oh yes.

Anyway, so we ate and drove around greater Cleveland, laughing and whatnot. We also saw some muskrats who looked like they might get all romantic and stuff but instead just fought. We ended our date as we end all of our dates: at the grocery store. Also, I dropped the sitter off at home. Yes, I am an old person. I need to just deal with it, I guess.

By the way, the local grocery chain around here is called... wait for it... Giant Eagle. Is that not downright hilarious? All I can think of is that scene in Nacho Libre where they're flapping their arms and cawing. You know, the one that goes somethign like this:

Anyway, now that I've made you watch a man with undies on his head flap his arms like an eagle, I guess this is as good of a time as any to say that I love my lady. I just thought I'd state that publicly. She is pretty and funny and creative and nice and supportive and pretty. She is, as we say where I come from, da bomb. And yes, staying this way forever sounds good to me.


Candace said...

okay you made me laugh. A number of times.

Sorry we always go to the grocery store on our dates.

yeah. I am so weirded out that we actually got a real babysitter. are we like old or what? oh yeah, i guess so. we have been married seven years for goodness sake.

Amber said...

You guys already found a babysitter?

I am hoping that the computer is fixed! Well at least you saw a little bit of Cleveland. Since you got lost and all!