There Is Nothing That Makes Me Smile More Than This Clip

I've had this clip sitting in my drafts section for a while. May as well publish it. Why? Because it freaking rules the Multiverse:

The Batusi. Sweet sassafrass, that is some classic stuff. My nerdiness was cemented when, sitting in the theatre watching Pulp Fiction all those years ago (I was a senior in high school, just to date myself), I knew, immediately, the name of the dance the Uma and His Royal Sweathog-iness, the Travola, were alluding to in their swanky dance-off. Ah, Sir Adam West, when will the world be ready for your genius?

1 comment:

Chanel said...

dude, don't tease me with that clip! what happens to BATMAN????

btw, thank you for educating me on The Batusi, I must say I think the Travola pulled it off a little better, but then again, he wasn't mysteriously drugged!