My Morning Soundtrack - 05.11.09

* "Outside My Door," by Can, from the album Monster Movie
* "Lovin In The Red (Second Version) ," by Theoretical Girls, from the album Theoretical Record
* "Recife," by The Legends, from the album Over And Over
* "Model Worker," by Magazine, from the album The Correct Use Of Soap
* "I Wanna Sleep," by No Age, from the album Weirdo Rippers
* "Dun Dun," by Los Amigos Invisibles, from the album Superpop Venezuela
* "Wealth And Hell-Being," by Robert Pollard, from the album Robert Pollard Is Off To Business
* "Children of the Revolution," by T.Rex, from the album Tanx
* "The Numbered Head," by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, from the Score! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers! compilation

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