Dude, Where's My Mixx?

For the last year, I've been making and posting at least one mixtape per month. It's been a really fun project and I hope you've enjoyed rocking them as much as I enjoy making them. But even if you don't enjoy them, I'm not going to stop. I am unstoppable. I am a Juggernaut of mixtapery. I do not know the meaning of the word "quit." Seriously. What does that mean? Isn't that like a blanket or something?

Anyway, as fun as it is to make a mixx, (and it is so much fun) it's doubly fun to hear one. It's like rummaging through peoples' music collections only you don't have to break into their houses while they're at work and then get arrested and then go to jail for B&E and then shanked in the yard all because you wondered if they were in to Kraftwerk. Mixtapery saves lives, people.

So, I like making mixxes and I like listening to the mixxes of others. How can I hear other peoples' mixxes without having to do a ton of work? I mean, I'm gonna continue to make them monthly, if only other people would do the same and then post them on their blog. If only I could, I dunno, challenge my readers, who are an hip and handsome lot, to make a mixx a month along with me.

Enter the Big Red Robot Monthly Mixtape Brigade: a loose conglomeration of people who like making mixxes on a regular basis. So yeah, I'm calling you out, issuing a challenge: make a mixx every month and post it to your blog. Don't worry about looking cool or hip or cultured or whatever. Just put some songs together and post the mix. I'll put together a tutorial on properly tagging your files and all that stuff if you're worried about it. If you're in, leave a comment, download the icon to the right and slap it in your sidebar with a link back to my blog. Once a month, I'll post a round-up post with links to all the mixes. It will be a party of immense proportions.

Even if you only do it every few months or even once, I for one would still love to hear it.

Say you will. Do it for the children. Who's in?


Huston said...

i'm in. and you can tell dylan is back at work because there are like 3 new blog posts.

Mr. Philippe said...

Sweet, but sign me up for one every two months- so as not to be played out.

chrishaley said...

Sounds like a plan, Stan, as you know I am down for as such as making musical compilations.
Do the ones we work about on together count towards this goal for me?

My word verification word for this comment is "gatoerbo".

rose said...

i definitely need directions, but i'm in for a few. or at least one...
and thanks for posting all these mixxes. i haven't been the best listener but i'm working on it. i actually imported a few of the mixtapery CD's to my itunes earlier this week, so i'll catch up eventually!

Dylan said...

Welcome aboard, Huston. And yeah, I'm a horrible employee. My ADD and OCD are in constant struggle.

Philippe, that is weak, but I guess it's acceptable. Come on man, do a monthly mixx. All the other kids are doing it.

Chris, the Ping mixxes can count, but I'm dying to hear an all Chris Haley mixx. Give it to me. Now.

Rose, glad you gave in to the peer pressure. I'll work up how I go about tagging, archiving, etc. Are you on a PC or a Mac?

chrishaley said...

Alright, man.
You post that "how to make it do" tutorial, and I'll make one up fancy like.

rose said...

i'm on a PC.

rose said...

wait, wait, wait. i just reread this...
if i'm just making up a mix and posting it on my blog, i can do that without a tutorial. but your mixes are all fancy so we can actually download them... and that is what i don't know how to do. but maybe you posted a tutorial about this before on mixtapery? i vaguely remember something like this.
my mix isn't coming anytime soon. so, no rush! (and i mean that literally. i own absolutely nothing from the band Rush.)