The ferocious BunnyDillo! It will eat your brains and then you will be stupid! So stupid you think Dharma & Greg is "charmingly hilarious!" So stupid you eat paste! So stupid you own the entire Five For Fighting catalog, including the rare Japanese version of "the Superman Song," sung in pig Latin! So stupid you think that Chicken Chow Mien is a martial art! So stupid you mistake your coffee mug for a urinal. So stupid that you believe that the Abominable Snowmen not only don't exist, but that they are not plotting your demise RIGHT NOW! So stupid that you read a book and don't understand it and that book is called Are You My Mother? So stupid that you think outer space is stupid and you eat boogers like all the time. So stupid that if someone were to ask you your favorite color, you would answer, "gravy." So stupid you don't put pudding in your breakfast cereal. So stupid you dig a hole and put leprechauns in it and bury them alive. So stupid you don't remember that the aliens built the pyramids. So stupid when you see a baby you yell, "MIDGET!" and run away crying. So stupid that you are afraid of octopuses and pinecones and ice cream cones and puppies and muppets and the sky. So stupid that you believe that your toenails are a food group. So stupid that you underestimate the deadliness of the BunnyDillo and it eats your brains and makes you stupid.

The End.

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bryan said...

this made me laugh out loud.