Go On And Kiss... Your Boyfriend!

Meet Francis, otherwise known as Zebulon, Heir of Bloodthrone. He likes black nail polish, black comedies, and black licorice and black. He is totally Goth. He has a cape and everything. He has a pair of custom molded fangs that he can slip over his canine teeth for special occasions - like Thursdays. Or any day to be honest. His bedroom is lit only by candles and the window is covered by a black velvet cloth. His room smells kind of moldy. Francis works in the mall at the Sunglass Hut but wishes he worked at Hot Topic because they would let him wear the cape while he was working. He rides his bike to work - cape and all. He hates everyone and everything except for you. He has socks with little skulls on them and a belt made from a rusty chain. Sometimes he wonders if he looks ridiculous. Then he hisses in the mirror and sulks away. When he grows up he wants to be a professional vampire. Or a CPA. Or both.

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