Here's something I whipped up because I'm tired of working on my BFA project right now. Isn't it super? Or maybe even... SUPER DUPER?! YAY!


Castle Rocker said...

That's great. I really like it. Did you illustrate the entire thing, or is it a compilation piece?

Dylan said...

The kid's from a book of illustrations of children that looks like they came from the late 70's-early 80's. Candace found the book, along with a SUH-weet on of men's heads and women's heads, at the library and I scanned the HECK out of them before I brought them back. I took him and colored him in Photoshop. The pattern in the background is from a scrapbook paper I had scanned for a previous project, the word balloon's stolen from a scan of Cerebus that I had from my project and the lettering is a House Industry typeface I messed with. kind of like a design goulash, I guess. Doesn't that look like the kind of kid who would say "Super DUpre," and then promptly get his butt kicked repeatedly? He's swell. - rdt

Takeyce said...

Love it! made me smile.