Meet the RAWK!

Do you remember your first show/concert/whatever you call it? For some reason, Candace & I were talking about this and we both realized neither of us had a clue what our first exposure to the world of the Rawk was.

I'm thinking it was a Violent Femmes show at the good old Huntridge (its mere mention promts me to shed one tiny silver tear), but I really have no clue. I remember driving out in the desert behind the Silver Bowl with my dad and brothers (in the old brown Bronco...) when U2 rolled through on their ZooTV tour, but I wasn't actually there, so I don't think that counts, though I'm sure that would have been my first one if I chose to count it. Too many years. Too many shows.

Sigh - Good times. Good times.

Anyway, anyone remember their first one?

P.S.: Three words sure to bring the waft of Vegas Rawk nostalgia upon you: Jabba the Huntridge. Yeah.

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