Clowny Clown Clown

The latest Comic Frenzy poster. It's gloriously insane and I love it. I was a little unsure of it as I was working on it, as my original intention for finishing it just didn't sound all that great once I got started on it, but I really love the way it turned out. It's like the circus. Only crazier. Which is a fair assessment for a Comic Frenzy show. Since there's no script, no net, anything can happen: feats of daring, falls, spills, maulings - the usual. So, I wanted to capture that feeling of excitement and fun and insanity that is a Comic Frenzy show. And here it is.


Michelle said...

I heard on the radio (Mix 94.1 in case your interested) about a contest going on right now. You have to guess whose Super Hero "package" it is. Sounds kind of funny but you like comics and you can win a prize.

Candace said...

Dylan Todd, I love this poster. It's insane & great & amazing!!!! it's cool to be able to see your whole process too. Cool that you actually created that clown stencil & spray painted it. You're SO COOL. Can I be you?