We Got High-Speed Internet & My eMusic Dowloads Refreshed! Yay!

So, we've been trying to get on our downstairs neighbor's wireless network for a few days or so with no luck. So imagine our excitement when suddenly our Airport status bars are all filled up and we can connect to the internet! Whee! The fast internet is so cool! I've been telling myself that the novelty has worn off and I won't spend all my waking moments staring at it, but I know that's a lie. A dirty, stinking lie. [sigh]

In other news, my eMusic downloads refreshed so I filled up. Stat. I got the new self-titled from the Lemonheads, the Pernice Brothers' Live A Little (excluding the foul-titled closer) as well as Papas Fritas' self-titled debut. I had one track left so I odwnloaded a track from Bob Pollard's Not In My Airforce, which I think I'll be chipping away at for a while (there's 25 tracks on the album).

Also, finished the third volume of Scott Pilgrim and I must say that it is some fine funnybooking. Seriously, if it were any more fun, it would be illegal.

We also finished the first disc of season one of Arrested Development which is hilarious, although I find myself talking in Gob's voice from time to time.

Anyway, so I did nothing all day and don't feel the slightest bit regretful about it, to be honest. Is that bad?

Also, "Huzzah!" for the internet. Thou art so rad.

That is all.


Castle Rocker said...

RDT has high-speed internet? That's like giving Brian Wilson a digital recording device during the Pet Sounds sessions! Posting your blogs on dial-up is like splicing eight tracks together with a razor blade and tape. I can't wait to see what you can do with broadband.

Dylan said...

I shall tell you what I do with broadband... I shall cure cancer! Polio will be history! I will put a man on the moon!

Or just download a lot (LOT) of podcasts and watch "the Office," and "My name Is Earl," online.