Hooray For Madman

Oh how I've missed Madman. It's been my favorite comic from the first moment I laid eyes on a borrowed copy of the first black & white collection, Madman: The Oddity Odyssey, and I've followed it ever since. Mike Allred's been taking some time off from the character, first to do the Atomics, a Snap City spin-off book that marginally featured Frank Einstein, a.k.a. Madman, then took more time off to do the amazingly brilliant X-Force/X-Statix with Pete Milligan for Marvel, and then to self-publish a comic-book version of the Book Of Mormon (seriously). With the exception of the Madman Super-Groovy King-Size Special, it's been roughly forever since the Madman's been serialized. And that's a shame.

Thankfully, that's all going to change. Starting in February, Madman's coming back in a monthly series from Image. And you know I will be there.

There's a interview up at Newsarama here with Mike, who has always seemed like a super cool guy & I hope to meet him someday. Seriously, if somebody stumbles on this site who works with Mike, let him know to contact me if he needs a designer. Seriously.

Anyway, this made me happy.

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