"What Should Ryan (aka Castlerocker) Blog About Week?" Kicks Off!

Help my friend! One of the things that makes my day a little brighter is when my homie, Ryan, aka the Castelrocker (clicky click the linky link at the right), aka the Honorable Reverend Funkalot, aka the Break-Dancing Dynamo, aka the Avenging Fist of the Bravo Truck, aka the person they based Scott Baio's character in Charles In Charge on (or was it the Willie Ames character... I forget), aka Haiku Man himself, posts on his blog, the ever-lovin' Castlerocker. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the poor fella just doesn't post enough... at least not enough for me. And I am all that matters in my little world.

So, in light of this sad, deplorable fact, (the sad fact being that Ryan doesn't post on his blog enough, not my being the center of my own world) I am hereby instituting a week of posts that give my good friend and excellent person, the Ry-Diggity himself, fodder for posting. Something vague, almost like a keyword used to awaken a hypnotized person to get them to do some terrible thing, like litter or listen to Good Charlotte. Something a creative, thinking man like the Castlerocker can latch onto and run with. I guess I'm recommending something like the writing journal you had to keep in your English class taught by a teacher who was once married to your ancient Drivers Ed teacher who had a glass eye and couldn't hear and told long, nonsensical stories from his glory days, before he lost his sight or hearing or had to start using Grecian formula to darken his hair. It doesn't have to be spectacular, just something to keep the posts coming.

So, sorry to put you in the hot seat like this, but, whaddaya say? Are you up for a little bit of this? Are you ready to rock the castle? If so, here's your first challenge: "Blue."

And they're off...


ColoradoCoolCats said...

You're such a good friend!
But you forgot to mention how the ancient drivers ed teacher wore shorts too too too short and would lift his right leg on a desk while instructing- NIGHTMARES!

Can't wait to see what your assignmets produce, Im making the castlerocker read your blog at work RUGHT NOW! (cause Im scary like that!)

Dylan said...

Oh man! I totally forgot about Coach K's, uh, yeah... I will say that although I never saw anything, I was always really afraid something would, uh, pop out while he was going on and on about something that made no sense but definitely had nothing to do with driving a car.

Aaaah, memories.