Cool Stuff I'm Interested In But Also Sort Of Intimidated By Because I'm Not As Tech-Savvy As I'd Like To Believe, or The Title's Longer Than the Post

Flickr - Online photo hosting.

Last.fm - Uses (basically) spyware to compile a list of iTunes activity and makes recommendations based on other people with similar tastes.

GoLive - Adobe's website building software. For some reason, the web is just sort of hard for me to grasp and a totally new piece of software is like, scary and stuff.

Putting a cool top banner image on my blog. I still can't figure out how to do this. Maybe I need to buy a Blogging For Dummies book or something. Or check one out from the library. Yeah, library it is. Hooray for poorness!

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Candace said...

Hey! Did you steal flickr from me? Or have you been thinking about it?

I think your buns are cute!