First off, there was a Madman preview up over at Newsarama a week or so ago that I never got around to posting a link to. Well, here it is.

I'm really excited about getting a monthly fix of the intrepid Madman of Snap City. Mike's art is looking sleeker that it previously had. I've not been overly excited about his inking since he switched over to using solely brushes (sometime around the "Heaven & Hell/G-Men From Hell" storyline that was effectively the last we heard of Frank Einstein, barring his appearances in the Atomics) - the detail that was such a great part of his earlier work disappeared - but this is looking good. The second page especially. Those facial expressions! I love the title of the issue, too: "Jumping Silent Cars That Sleep At Traffic Lights." How cool is that? I'm gushing, aren't I? Sorry, I just love me some Madman. It's super ginchy. Okay, I'll stop now.

Speaking (Typing?) of comics, I'm thinking that, once we move - wherever that may be - I'm switching over to solely trades except in "special cases": All-Star Superman, Madman any Nextwave minis... you know, the essentials. Otherwise, if I'm not interested enough to pick up the trade, I should be able to just go without. Can I do it? Can I "live strong?" Maybe I should get a bracelet or something to help remind me to "live strong" and not buy any comics? That'd be a good idea. Somebody should make that. It could be yellow and just say something like "Live Strong," on it. I'm gonna make that. I could give the proceeds to helping people with serious problems, like people who watch Grey's Anatomy. Or people with six fingers on their left hand. You know, people with real problems. Man, I've got some good ideas sometimes.

Also, big ups, as we say in da hood, to those people who voted in the Battle of the UnBands. I'll start on the Pink Barbarians poster soon and have voting open up on round two probably next week. Also, as far as voting goes, I will be bribing you next time, so be prepared to compromise your morals for free stuff.

And finally: kittens. Ain't they cute?

Seacrest out.


cbhoff said...

I watch Grey's Anatomy.

Dylan said...

Then you should expect a check from the proceeds of my bracelets. Yay! The cure is in sight!

cbhoff said...

Ha..., the cure is in sight.