A Resolution

So according to my sidebar, I managed to churn out... 193 posts during 2006. So, my friends, I'm going to try the impossible - 365 posts in 365 days. I think it can be done, but I also think that the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie looks super sweet, so what do I know?

Anyway, so that's my resolution. Also, I'm hoping to start a ping-pong-type blog (posting back and forth) with my good friend, Ryan - a.k.a. the Castlerocker, a.k.a. He That Rocks The Castle, a.k.a. the Dragonslayer. It will be up as soon as Ryan accepts my invitation to be an author on the blog, so Ryan, get to it. There'll be a link in the sidebar once it's up.

In other news, I'm back to work and (hopefully) getting over my cold. I'm hoarse today, but I think that's kind of cool. I sound kind of like Darth Vader. I am also a nerd.

Finally, my wife rocks. I gotta go get ready for work. Laters skaters.

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