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"No blinding insights emerged from these months of conversation. If anything, what struck me was just how modest people's hopes were, and how much of what they believed seemed to hold constant across race, region, religion and class. Most of them thought that anybody willing to work should be able to find a job that paid a living wage. They figured that people shouldn't have to file for bankruptcy because they got sick. They believed that every child should have a genuinely good education - that it shouldn't be a bunch of talk - and that those same children should be able to go to college even if their parents weren't rich. They wanted to be safe, from criminals and from terrorists; they wanted clean air, clean water and time with their kids. And when they got old, they wanted to be able to retire with some dignity and respect.

"That was about it. It wasn't much. And although they understood that how they did in life depended mostly on their own efforts - although they didn't expect government to solve all their problems, and certainly didn't like seeing all their tax dollars wasted - they figured that government should help.

I told them that they were right: government couldn't solve all their problems. But with a slight change in priorities we could make sure every child had a decent shot at life and meet the challenges we faced as a nation. More often than not, folks would nod in agreement and ask how they could get involved. And by the time I was back on the road, with a map on the passenger's seat, on my way to my next stop, I knew once again just why I'd gone into politics.

"I felt like working harder that I'd ever worked in my life."

Barack Obama
The Audacity of Hope
Prologue, p.7

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Candace said...

I love this quote. It actually makes me want to cry. I don't know if that is just the pregnant lady or if that's my real emotion. Oh, heaven forbid we have any emotion! Ha ha ha ha!!!! Anyway, beautiful. Barack Obama is pretty cool in my book. Taking care of the abounding issues here in the United States would be something I'd love to be able to count on in a future president.

I know helping out elsewhere in the world is important...but I haven't seen the REAL NEED in the areas we've been spending all our money in recent years. Thanks a lot Bush.