Slave To the Web

No, that's not the subtitle to the new Spider-man movie. I think the subtitle for that is "Here comes the mamma-jammin' radness." No, this is the subtitle to my life circa: now. I've been working feverishly (not literally) on my site. I'm anticipating having it done by next week at the latest, but fear not, I'll post when it is, as we say in the bizzz, "live." The web totally confuses me. It's far too right-brain for me to totally grasp, but I'm, hopefully, working it all out. Anyway, so that's where that lies.

In other web news, I also set up a profile over at ComicSpace.com, which is like MySpace for comics nerds as opposed to MySpace which is for (as far as I can tell) creepy people.* I'll post about comics soon, as this week I picked my books up and there were some winners in my pile (All-Star Superman and Nextwave, but some other goodies as well) and... well, I have a scanner, so now I can ramble on and on about comics... with pictures!

*Let me say that a lot of people I know and love are on the MySpace and are not, as far as I can tell, "creepy people." This statement is an unfair stereotype and in no way is intended to make people mad at me. It was, however, kind of funny in my head so I typed it out.

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