My Latest Project

I finally finished/installed our calendar. Candace asked me to design one a while back, but with the whole graduating from college/going out of town for three weeks/finishing the website/looking for a job thing, it took a little longer than I had hoped it would to get around to it. I designed it in the better part of a night and printed it the other night after work. It went up today. It's like the 27th of January. Yeah. Anyway, here's some pictures:

If you really want one, I may persuaded to print one off for you if you're willing to pay the printing and shipping, which, in case you're wondering, wasn't all that cheap.

Anyway, I've got to take my lady out on a cheap date. We're going to go to Quizno's and get a sandwich and then see my cousin Mason's movie, Five Days Of Fire. Yeah, you read that right. My teenage cousin made a movie. Does that make anybody else out there feel like a slacker? Anyway, I'm excited.


Candace said...

I really like March, September & December....I like them all actually. Super cool!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

this is awesome!
i especially like the captions

Amber said...

Dylan that is so cool! Let me rephrase that....Dylan you are so COOL!!!
I want one. I know January is pretty much over but what would be the cost??

Anonymous said...


Those are absolutely awesome!!! I would like to talk to my office about ordering some with that adorable pink armchair. Please forward details of the cost to Bryan or to jacqueline@dsilv.com. I LOVE them!!!

-J. Todd

Michelle said...

You should sell these calendars on that website Candace was talking about. They're very cool! Too bad my calendar is already up and going or I would order one.

Sales Freak said...

Dear Dylan,

If you would please e-mail with details of how much purchasing this trippin' time tracker might be, I would appreciate it. If you let me be a middle man working for 40% of sales (plus comission), going door to door selling this aforementioned calendar, I would be grateful. And if you let me buy 80% of your calendar company, changing the name to Time & Memories and allow me to change the logo to the simple typographical solution of writing "Time" in papyrus, make the ampersand Helvetica, and logically Memories would be in Curlz, I would be gratefully apreciative.

Sleep on it (but e-mail me the price either way)and let me know.