BRR Mixxes 2010:


01.10 - The Year We Make Contact / It's a new year & I'm glad to be here
02.10 - Interested In Things / I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real worm.
03.10 - The Howling Dogs / Fangs & growling
04.10 - Parking Lot Cure / Lots of fun
05.10 - Dr. Spaceman / 310 over 290! We have a winner!
06.10 - Naked In the Sun / A suntan for your ears.
07.10 - Flip Flops / Hammock rock.
08.10 - Baby C'mon / Frenching a sexy lady ape.
09.10 - A Beginner's Guide To Levitation / Flying high again.
10.10 - Oh, Sweetheart / Lovers in love.
11.10 - L8R H8R / Wanna tell you all about it.
12.10 - More Christmas Mixes!

BRR Mixxes 2009


01.09 - Electric Freak Out / Psychedelic debris
02.09 - 20/32 / 20 hits from a lifetime (thus far)
03.09 - Zoom / Toe-tapping tracks
04.09 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / Movie-themed tunes
05.09 - American Music / Mutant Americana
06.09 - In the Sky / Rock for UFO-spotting
07.09 - Warm Soundz / Summer songs
08.09 - Flyin' Lion / Head in the clouds, feet in the grass
09.09 - 10000 Year Increments / Head keeps on ringing like a bell
10.09 - They Try To Tear Me Down / Music is my girlfriend
11.09 - Purple Fates / Red plus blue makes…
12.09 - BRR Favorites 2009 / It's that time of year

BRR Mixxes 2008


01.08 - Bed Is For Sleeping / When you don't wanna get outta bed
02.08 - It's All Fuss / Old, new, borrowed, blue
03.08 - Like a Love Affair / Walls of sound
04.08 - No Cars Go / Roll the windows down and sing loud
05.08 - Folk Star / Troubadours and troublemakers
06.08 - Needles In the Camel's Eye / Eclectica
07.08 - High Five! / Up high, down low, too slow
08.08 - A Knife Through the Night / Driving in the dark
09.08 - Hot Dog / Nobody knows what's in them, we just know they taste good
10.08 - Under the Leaves / Autumnal tumble
11.08 - I Was A Teenage Headcase / Teenage wasteland
12.08 - Alphabitz / An ABCmix, by song title

BRR Monthly Mixtape Brigade Mixxes


03.09 - Rainy Days
04.09 - Solar Power!!

04.09 - MeatBrain
05.09 - Struttin'
06.09 - When the Crazies Come Out
07.09 - As Above, So Below
08.09 - Bas@$$ Boss Battles
09.09 - These Guys
10.09 - Sauntering About
11.09 - Sufficient For Our Needs
12.09 - Nukes & Good News
01.10 - Muck
02.10 - The Air In Meager Valley
03.10 - Oh, My My My
04.10 - Slightly Embellished For Dramatic Effect
05.10 - Drudgery
06.10 - Under the Entry Roar
07.10 - Phaseplane DIfferential
08.10 - Grandpa Makes Noises
09.10 - All the Happy Accidents

03.09 - Spruce Goose
05.09 - Instrumenting Around

04.09 - Whoooa-man

09.08 - September Blogmail Mix
10.08 - October Blogmail Mix
10.08 - Halloween Blogmail Mix
11.08 - Novembeard Blogmail Mix
12.08 - Decemburr Blogmail Mix
01.09 - January Blogmail Mix
02.09 - February Blogmail Mix
03.09 - March Blogmail Mix
04.09 - April Blogmail Mix
05.09 - May Blogmail Mix
06.09 - June Blogmail Mix
07.09 - July Blogmail Mix
08.09 - August Blogmail Mix
09.09 - September Blogmail Mix
10.09 - Halloween Blogmail Mix
10.09 - October Blogmail Mix
11.09 - November Blogmail Mix
12.09 - December Blogmail Mix
01.10 - January Blogmail Mix
02.10 - February Blogmail Mix
03.10 - March Blogmail Mix
04.10 - April Blogmail Mix
05.10 - May Blogmail Mix
06.10 - June Blogmail Mix
07.10 - July Blogmail Mix
08.10 - August Blogmail Mix

BRR Bonus Mixes


BRR Favorites 2008
BRR Honorable Mentions 2008

Alphabet Town A / Rockin' from A to Z, by song title
Alphabet Town B / A to Z again, this time by artist
Cozy Up (Candace's Mix) / Like a nice warm blanket
Dance, White People, Dance! / Shake what your momma gave you
Halloweenie / Skeleton's skankin'
It Came From ... THE GARAGE!!! / Soundtrack to a knife fight
Mixtape / The first BRR mix
N E O N / New wave dancefloor sweat
Photos of Freckles / Mix for an fellow albino
Radio On / Classics for the new golden age
Ripp Offf / Technicolor machismo
Songs For A Golden Summer - Summer Days / Warmth of the sun
Songs For A Golden Summer - Summer Nights! / Breezes and sweat
Spooky Scary / Halloween mix for the boys and ghouls
We've Been Had / Don't believe the hype
(We Can't Stand Your) Modern Music / For hip cavemen

Ping-Pong Mixes With Chris Haley


Ping 1: Ping Of Pong / Back & forth
Ping 2: Return Of the Ping / Dueling rock nerds
Ping 3: The Man Who Would Be Ping / You again? Back for more?
Ping 4: & Away We Go / Flying away
Ping 5: Fourth World Blues / The antidote to Anti-Life
Ping 6: Dance Fighter 2: Electric Punch-A-Yoo! / The breaks.
Ping 7: All Your Song Are Belong To Us / Covering the covers.
Ping 8: Hard Rockers Juice Panel / V.O.A.

Ping-O-Ween / Razor blades in candied apples.
Bride of Ping-O-Ween / I remember Halloween
Ghost of Ping-O-Ween / I need your skull

Ping-Pong Mixes With Chris Haley


Ping 1: Ping Of Pong / Back & forth
Ping 2: Return Of the Ping / Dueling rock nerds
Ping 3: The Man Who Would Be Ping / You again? Back for more?
Ping 4: & Away We Go / Flying away
Ping 5: Fourth World Blues / The antidote to Anti-Life
Ping-O-Ween / Razor blades in candied apples.

BRR Mixxes Master List

Below is a master list of all BRR Mixxes. Download them by clicking the little dots. Share them. Enjoy them.


01.11 - Year's Not Long / So this is the new year?
02.11 - Fight or Flight / Grimy psychedelia
03.11 - Challengers of the Unknown / Moonlight miles
04.11 - Alright / Sunshine in the solar plexus
05.11 - Now That Bigfoot Has Been Captured / Child stars with their sex & drugs & rock & roll
06.11 - Handclaps & Lint Traps / On the roof of your car
07.11 - Perfectly Ordinary People / Faintly faint-making
08.11 - Revenge of the Nerds / So, like, join us, okay?
09.11 - What Goes On / I think that am falling down
10.11 - Mister October / We've got an eye for what's romance
11.11 - I Was Born In A Laundromat / We're the kings of the trash
12.11 - TRUESTORIES / Martian disco on fire








01. Maximum Excitebike / I want to ride my bicycle.


Busy Doin' Nothing

So I've been off of work since Christmas Eve Eve and it has been fantastic. We stayed here in the Cleve for Christmas and had a great holiday here with our little family. Candace already blogged about it here, so I'll just say that it was great. Candace got me a cavernous new external hard drive, so look out, Internet. I am coming for you.

It's been great being home. We've been relaxing, hanging out with friends, eating disgusting amounts of ham and watching lots and lots of Star Wars. (Big thanks to my parents who bought us the Original Trilogy set on DVD, which - for all you Star Wars nerds out there - includes the original, non-Special Edition versions on the bonus disc. Which is awesome. No wussy screaming for Luke as he throws himself down the air chute in Empire! Yay! Also, big thanks to Philippe for a VHS set of the OT. Nice find, my friend. And another shout out to Aunt Lilia who rocked the house for our girls. She made this Princess Leia dress and bun set for Sadie's Barbie dolls that is just amazing. I will post pictures soon. Unless I forget. Which is very likely.)

We've also been keeping remarkably busy. We did some pretty unbelievable cleaning/organizing, most especially in the "middle room" (our craft/computer room) which has been the shame of my existence for a while now. We whipped that room into shape like a mamma jamma. It looks freaking amazing now.

So today was "Do Some Arty Projects, Dylan" Day, apparently. I did not have it marked on my calendar, so it sort of snuck up on me. But it was loads of fun. Once I got started, I was thinking to myself, "Dang! I should do this type of stuff for a living!" And then I remembered that I do, so yeah, I've got that going for me.

It kicked off this morning when I finished this poster I'd started a few weeks ago. It's available in the shop if you're interested. We'll be listing a few other color options for it as well over the next few days. Here's pictures:

Then I whipped up a "Don't Eat Pete!" board for a little family game night. Candace has rules posted here, and you can download your own board here and play. Just grab some kids from somewhere (please make sure to ask permission first if they're not yours/if you don't have custody of them) and get playing. M&M's not included.

After that, I started working on a couple of upcoming BRR Mixxes that need artwork for them. The first one was another Ping Pong mix I had made with the Bryan Hitch of webcomics, the Chris Haley. It's titled & Away We Go! Here's the inked artwork I sent to Chris to work his color mojo on:

That's me with the balloons and Chris with the cape. If you haven't done so already, go check out his & Curt's webcomic Let's Be Friends Again. It's funny stuff.

Finally, I finished off a huge stonerish collage for January's mix, Electric Freak Out, made from a buttload of late-70's National Geographic magazines and a warped, overactive imagination. And tape. It's 100% analog, ballerz. No digitalism involved. Well, except for the scanning part. Click for biggification:

So anyway, I'm going to bed. Just thought I'd hip you cats to what I've been up to. Happy New Year if I don't post again before then. 2009's gonna rule.



All I Want For Christmas

I'm not sure if anybody else saw this, but this is probably my favorite SNL sketch in a while:

"I'm gonna need ... freak out control." Brilliant.


Questions For Myself

What follows is a list of questions I find myself asking, um ... myself.

"Could I care less about anything related to American Idol?"

"Are there a more loathsome and irritating group of people than mainstream superhero comics fans?"

"Why in the world did George Lucas think it was an even remotely good idea to have that two-headed podrace announcer in The Phantom Menace?"

"Where can I find a decent, pre-owned disco ball around here?"

"How do h-h-human beings survive in this c-c-c-coldness?"

"Why did nobody tell me that Gouda cheese was so amazing? Why am I almost 32 years old and I'm just now finding this out? Seriously, people, how is this happening?!"

"Is 'Gouda' capitalized?"

"Does anybody listen to the mixes I post?"

"Why does the Chris Haley hate Garfield so much?"

"Why do my girls love to destroy everything in their path?"

"What am I getting for Christmas? Is it a pony? Two ponies?"


Haiku Friday: From Shon

My old chum Shon submitted this haiku for our enrichment. It is the best haiku ever. See for yourself:

Hey! Haiku Friday!
I finally remembered . . .
. . . now what do I do?


"Greatest Hits Albums Are For Housewives & Little Girls."

So, my homie and everybody's favorite Frenchipino, Philippe recently disclosed over on one of his like millions of blogs that he is now an admitted Beach Boys fan. If this is true, I weep for him.

It is a heavy burden.

You start off all innocent with something like Endless Summer (which is a "Best Of," by the way, not a "real" album, Philippe.) and before you know it, you have tracked down every release that you physically can and you're still looking for more. You're like a crack addict, only they stopped making crack along time ago so now you hope they find more crack in a vault somewhere or at least give you some remastered crack with bonus cracks or some boxed sets of crack recording sessions or something. Wait. Did my metaphor fall apart halfway through again?


If I could, I would reach through the series of tubes that is the Internets, and test my friend Philippe's commitment to the Beach Boys. See if he's ready, physically and mentally, for the commitment it entails. If he was serious about becoming a Beach Boys fan, well, then I would give him the following set of instructions:

Take this eight-track tape of Sunflower and tell him to listen to it until that pretty crappy Al Jardine song comes on (the one about the bird the flew in his window or something like that) and once it does, get out, ask the first old lady he sees: "Which way to Hawthorne?" Do the exact opposite of what she says. Exact opposite.

When you reach the end of Sunflower, destroy the eight-track and put on the Pet Sounds Sessions boxed set, starting with disc one. When Brian says "Roll it." for the 17th time, roll down your window and yell out your favorite track from Smiley Smile. Mine is "Fall Breaks and Back To Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)".

Then close your eyes and slam down on the gas until you wreck your car. Once you crawl out from the flaming wreckage, stumble into the first building you see. Wait for three days. A man in full SCUBA gear will walk in at 2:17 on the third day. He will be dripping wet and smell vaguely of French Onion Sun Chips. His name is Frederick, not Fred. He will ask you three riddles. Answer them incorrectly. He will give you a scroll. On that scroll is a map written in Sanskrit. It will lead you to a secret door that will take you deep beneath the sea. Then The Trials begin. Don't scream and do not look the Headmasters in the eye. Be strong.

Then - and only then, my Frenchipino friend - will you be a Beach Boys fan.

And yeah, I lifted this from that Kids In the Hall "Doors Fan" sketch (watch out for the f-bomb at around 2:45. Earmuffs!). So what?


It's Like A Tweedy Pleathery Wool Velour. With Straps. And A Buttload Of Zippers.

Oh, Fashion World. You're so dumb.

But seriously though, I want one of these. In green, maybe.



Sorry. Had some technical difficulties with the links for the mixxes. Because I'm sort of a moron. But I'm much better now, thanks. How are you?

Anyway, here's the proper links. They're fixed in the post now, too:

BRR Favorites 2008
BRR Honorable Mentions 2008
(Pssssst! Click the little dot things!)



My Year In Lists

So, here it is. My 2008 music post. It's not nearly as insane as last years monstrosity, so that's good. My Honorable Mentions list is still a little out of control (but trust me, that list was twice the size it is now), but I think it's a good smattering of a decent portion of the worthwhile music from last year. As usual, you can call "B.S." on any of it in the comment section.

I've heard a few complaints that this year "just wasn't that good" for music. This is complete horsecrap. There were a lot of really good albums released this year. Like, a ton of them. So shut up, you freaking babies. Shut up and just rock out.

Honorable Mentions (or) A Still Pretty Long Short List:
Beck / Modern Guilt
Brian Wilson / That Lucky Old Sun
Death Cab For Cutie / Narrow Stairs
Dr. Dog / Fate
Fleet Foxes / Fleet Foxes
Gnarls Barkley / The Odd Couple
Islands / Arm's Way
Jonathan Richman / Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild
Langhorne Slim / Langhorne Slim
Los Campesinos! / Hold On Now, Youngster... / We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
MGMT / Oracular Spectacular
The Mountain Goats / Heretic Pride
Plants and Animals / Parc Avenue
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals / Cardinology
Santogold / Santogold
The Sea and Cake / Car Alarm
Silver Jews / Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
Times New Viking / Rip It Off
Tokyo Police Club / Elephant Shell
Travis Morrison Hellfighters / Hellfighters
Utah Rangers / Breaking Your Heart Takes Training
Vampire Weekend / Vampire Weekend
The Walkmen / You & Me
White Denim / Workout Holiday
Wolf Parade / At Mount Zoomer

Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2009 (or) The Shorter List:

Born Ruffians / Red Yellow & Blue
I read a review somewhere that summed these guys up as Vampire Weekend without the white guilt/cultural pilfering perpetrated by preppy Ive Leaguers, and yeah, that sort of fits. It's a joyous, bouncy album full of great hooks, layered vocals and shouts. It deserves to be on the list for "Hummingbird," if nothing else.

David Byrne and Brian Eno / Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
If you were expecting a sequel to My Life In the Bush Of Ghosts, this collection of laid-back, poppy tunes probably knocked you for a loop. As a rock record, it more than satisfies. It's hopeful, interesting and beautiful. And come on, it's David Byrne and Brian Eno; did you really think it wasn't going to be on my list?

Herman Dune / Next Year In Zion
If you can find me a happier record from this year, I will eat my hat. Listen to it if you're having a particularly rough day.

Hot Chip / Made In The Dark
I swear, everybody forgot about this just absolutely slamming record. Music to get your white @$$es shaking and fists pumping.

Mates Of State / Re-Arrange Us
A song cycle about making love and family work as rock and rollers, it's the most polished effort from this husband-wife duo. At their best, Mates Of State remind you just how much joyous, beautiful, noise two people can make. And this is them at their best.

No Kids / Come Into My House
If Sufjan Stevens and Hot Chip made a weekend party record, this would be it. Excellent debut.

R.E.M. / Accelerate
After the unforgivable (and unlistenable) abortion that was Around the Sun, the Southern boys just like you and me turn in an album that rocks like a band 25 years younger, putting all those pretty little posers (that's aimed at you, Killers) to shame. Just a solid album from a band that refuses to become irrelevant. Well played, boys. Well played.

Sam Amidon / All Is Well
A haunting collection of traditional folk songs reworked with all their weirdness and weariness intact. Just a stunning album, this.

Stephen Malkmus / Real Emotional Trash
A jammy, raucous set from a guy who just gets better with age.

TV on the Radio / Dear Science
TVOTR - like Radiohead - is one of those bands that, while I know they're great, I never really connected with their work the way I felt I should. Until now. So yeah, believe the hype; Dear Science is fantastic.

Click here for the BRR Honorable Mentions 2008 Mix.

And click here for the BRR Favorites 2008 Mix.

And leave me a comment to tell me if I've totally lost my mind of if I neglected something you loved or just to say "hello." Enjoy.



Haiku Friday: Winter Walk

Found this in my notebook and then remembered writing it on my walk home from the train:

Snow melts on my nose
As soon as it makes contact;
Like time-displaced rain.


Rock Talk

Okay, so the Best Of 2008 music lists are starting to trickle in, which makes me say to myself, "Self, you really need to listen to a lot of music to get caught up, man. You're slipping."

And I am. Every year, I swear I get less and less cool, which is unfortunate, because I wasn't all that cool to begin with. This means that soon, I will be in cool debt and then in cool default. My remaining cool will be repossessed and I will be left cool-less, destitute, like one of those people you see wearing a Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt unironically. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. There are millions of fading hipsters out there who may default on their allotment of cool. And onc ethat happens, you can expect a crash of the cool market, forcing such venerable institutions of hipsterism like Pitchfork to find ethemselves pleading with the Federal government for a cool bailout.

And it will all be my fault.

So, in order to avert a catastrophe of biblical proportions, I am going to do a public service and try and boost some cool. I'm gonna take a few of the Best Of 2008 lists I've seen and boil them down to the stuff you (and I) should probably try and listen to by the end of the year (if we haven't already) before we look like total fools at our office Christmas parties when approached by some snobby hipster who asks us, "So, what have you been listening to?"

A lot of these on this list have been represented on this years' BRR Monthly Mixxes, so if you've been keeping up, you may be safe.

For now.

So yeah, here's my "short list" of stuff I need to listen to - whether it's again, more closely, or for the first time - before the end of the year. So I can make an informed Best Of list. Because this "trying to look like a hipster" stuff serious business:

Beck Modern Guilt
The Black Keys Attack & Release
Blind Pilot 3 Rounds and a Sound
Blitzen Trapper Furr
Bob Dylan Tell Tale Signs — The Bootleg Series Vol. 8
Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago
Brian Wilson That Lucky Old Sun
Chad VanGaalen Soft Airplane
Coldplay Viva la Vida
Crystal Castles Crystal Castles
David Byrne and Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
Death Cab for Cutie Narrow Stairs
Department Of Eagles In Ear Park
Elbow The Seldom Seen Kid
Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes
Forest Fire Survival
Gnarls Barkley The Odd Couple
The Hold Steady Stay Positive
Hot Chip Made in the Dark
Kings of Leon Only by the Night
Mates of State Re-Arrange Us
MGMT Oracular Spectacular
M83 Saturdays=Youth
My Morning Jacket Evil Urges
Neon Neon Stainless Style
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
Of Montreal Skeletal Lamping
Plants and Animals Parc Avenue
Ra Ra Riot The Rhumb Line
The Raconteurs Consolers of the Lonely
The Rural Alberta Advantage Hometowns
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Cardinology
Santogold Santogold
Stephen Malkmus Real Emotional Trash
TV on the Radio Dear Science
Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend

Anything I'm missing?


I Could Easily Beat Up Larry King But I Refuse To Hit A Man That Old Who Isn't Named "Dracula"

I recently issued an invitation to all of you out there (including you lurkers; hello there! Nice shirt!) in cyberspace to join me as I interview you, all professional-like and whatnot. And I got a lot of great responses. Seriously, I'm pumped to interview every single name on this list. I'm like flipping out over here. I literally just threw my chair across the room, through a window and down three stories to the street below where it hit some old lady who is now crying out for help, that's how excited I am. I am freaking stoked.

I should probably have skipped that fourth Red Bull after lunch.

Anyway, so far I have the following as future interviewees:
Patti (Are you in or what? Come on, it'll be rad.)
The Chris Haley
Shon (no, seriously, that's how his name is spelled)

Am I forgetting anybody? Anybody else want it? Come on, it will rule. It will be like you're a celebrity only you won't want to punch yourself (which I just accidentally typed as "punch your elf," which is hilarious) when you open your mouth. You'll be like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, that femme-y kid from High School Musical, TomCat (which is my shortened version of superstar couple Tom Arnold and his cat named, uh, Cat), Bennifer (you know, the Belgian disco queen and children's television show host who is also an astronaut in Belgium's space program) and Jermaine Jackson all rolled into one mammoth Frankencelebrity. You will be some sort of mega-Voltron-celebrity.

This could be you!:

Doesn't that look like fun? See that creepy old guy in the background? He's the Internet! See what a great time he's having because you agreed to be interviewed by yours truly? He looks positively electrified to be listening to our witty rapport. It's entertainment! Showbizzz! Don't worry though, you can wear a shirt when I interview you.

But I will be wearing a dress. You have been warned.

Stepping Out

We're doing loads better. Thank you to all of you who left comments, called, sent e-mails, brought food, said prayers on our behalf, watched the kids, sent Batman cartoons, made delicious green cakes or even wanted to but didn't want to disturb us while we were in such a fragile state. It's been a real blessing to know that we're loved so much. All y'all are the best. Many tanks:

Get it?!

I'll post more soon. Thanks again.



It's A Good TIme For Superman To Lift the Sun Into the Sky

So we've been dealing with some heavy stuff here at BRRHQ. Sad, heartbreaking stuff. I'll just link to Candace's post because it says what we're going through as well or better than I could. And I'll embed a video that's helping me cope. Regular posting will start back up ... sometime. Sorry if this bums you out and thanks for your concern. Love all y'all.



All Hands On the Bad One


If you're a regular reader (or even an irregular one, we don't discriminate based on your ... uh, frequency ... here) and would be interested in subjecting yourself to the interview-y stylings of yours truly, please e-mail me (my contact info's in my profile). I've been wanting to do this for a while, but forgot. But then I remembered. I promise it will be (mostly) fun, though I must warn you that I am hardcore. No softball questions here. I'm gonna be in-depth and hard-hitting and all up in your face and whatnot. I'm gonna be like Larry King, only if he had the stones to ask the hard questions and roughly 175 years younger and a billion times handsomer.

Basically, I'm gonna be the John Shaft of blog reader interviewing.

I'm a complicated man, and no one understands me but my woman.

Shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment if you want in. It's gonna be a party.


A ! B ! C !

Here's an alphabetical mix to kick off December. It's pretty excellent. But don't take my word for it, download it here and leave a comment, por favor.