And Now, An Important Announcement From BRRHQ

Hi. My life has been busy lately. It sucks, but it's better than the alternative I guess. Something had to give, and the regular posting of things of substance on this blog was what gave. It's been a source of guilt and shame; the amount of neglect I've heaped on this site.

Because of all this, for the last month or two, I've considered killing off this blog, or at least letting it go dormant until I can find something to inspire me to post regularly. This idea makes me sad. I've been blogging here for five years and in that time have created almost 1000 posts, three of which have been worth your time. I have met and reconnected with a lot of wonderful people and been able to share my life and thoughts and fart jokes with all y'all. It would be a hard thing to just walk away from this little shanty shack I've built for myself near this offramp rest stop on the Information Superhighway, where I sell my bags of oranges and slightly used turquoise jewelry on an old Navajo rug while listening to Grand Funk Railroad's greatest hits on a cheap AM radio.

So, what do I do?

Here's my plan: for the foreseeable future, my posts will most likely be lists of things I've thought of during the day. Just five to ten things that have crossed my mind as I blunder my way through my life like a more developmentally challenged Forrest Gump or a less developmentally challenged Jimmy Fallon. I will still post the interviews I've conducted and the monthly mixtapes and and will hopefully start this Woody Allen project I've been cooking up with my homie Ryan for a while, but by and large the contents of this blog will be lists. Lists lists lists. Hopefully this truncated format will mean I can update daily, but I know myself better than to promise that. We'll try. How's that?

Anyway, so there's where we are. Thanks for your readership and comments. Keep it rizzle, my internizzles.


Patti said...

Dylan Killed His Blog. (just joke)

I like the list idea. I'm a Woody Allen fan so I'm all for that idea, too. Looking forward to that.

I am not, however, a Jimmy Fallon hater.

Still friends?

b3n said...

I've heard something like this from you before, BRR. Take some time off, do the list thing, wait until the nag of the blog calls back to you. Believe me, we'll all still be here.

Plus, I don't believe you. I give it 3 weeks MAX and then you're back to your regular expounding self. If I'm wrong, I'll eat my hat, shirt, and scarf.

chanel said...

just keep making laugh, thats all i ask.

rose said...

I keep thinking the same thing - I just realized that by tomorrow it will have been a week since I wrote anything, and I've got nothing... Except for one mix that I'm not even going to mention again until it is posted because I'm not worthy of the hype.

Lists are always good.