Moonwalker Redux

You want to know what the craziest thing about this statue is:

It's that it's not the weirdest thing Michael Jackson is auctioning off.

You know, I feel sort of wrong for kicking sand in MJ's face, (especially since the news of him selling off a bunch of his crazy stuff is like months old) but man, that dude is totally bat-shiitake-mushroom insane. I hate to say he deserves it, but he sort of deserves it, doesn't he? I mean, if you were accused of molesting children, would you go out and buy like a million lawn statues of naked boys? It's like OJ showing off his pristine collection of decapitated Hummel figures. Does not compute. And furthermore, where does one get *that many* naked boy statues? Does he buy in bulk? Is there a NAMBLA section at Costco that I'm (thankfully) blissfully unaware of?

I mean, how crazy have you become when people remember the good old days when you just collected the bones of disfigured people, hung out with chimpanzees and slept in a iron lung full of oxygen? And its a real shame, because for a while there, MJ was making some great pop music. Now, he's just some pedophile in a surgical mask who looks like an extra from Pokemon and hasn't done anything worthwhile as a human being or an entertainer since (and I'm being generous here) Dangerous. And that was 1991.

And still, he's selling tickets. 50 shows in London sold out. Within hours. It's stuff like that that makes people set themselves on fire in disgust and confusion.

I don't know. Am I right here? Does this bother you like it does me, or am I just a little too wound up today?

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jason quinones said...

you are totally right!

if anybody warrants, NAY, DESERVES a rage fueled tounge lashing via bloggery it's that a-hole.

F jacko!