Things To Do Before I Die

1. Eat 100 tacos in one sitting.
2. Scrawl the word "poop" in a secret place on all of the seven wonders of the world.
3. Two words: time travel.
4. Give hugs.
5. Kill Dracula. And this time, make sure he's dead.
6. Perform on Broadway. And by "perform" I mean "vomit uncontrollably."
7. Defeat negativity through the power of interpretive dance and also samurai swords.
8. Not get Bubonic Plague.
9. Three words: boneless buffalo wings.
10. Never grow a mustache. Not even as a joke.
11. Survive being gored by a moose.
12. Live forever.


Lil said...

Seriously you should second guess the mustache thing. "as a joke" is the number one reason to grow one in the first place.

Emilio Z. said...

i am now inspired, i'll work on mine little by little from now on. cheerio mate!

chanel said...

6- HA!!!!!!