If You Haven't Watched "Namaste," Yet, You Should Probably Not Read This

* I like Frank Lapidus.
* "Dude, your English is awesome."
* Carlos is awful eager to start exploring the Hydra Station, don't you think?
* Sun: "Where are you going?" Ben: "Back to our island. Wanna come?"
* "I vote for 'not camping.'"
* What is it with Hurley and dog-themed apparel?
* Aaah, the old "Oar to the Back Of the Head" trick. Well-played, Kwon.
* "Based on your aptitude tests, you'll be doing janitorial work."
* Duh! Why did it take me like half of the episode to figure out where I'd heard the name "Radzinsky"?
* Also, Radzinsky's a bit of a jerk, isn't he?
* That wreckage on the docks is from when Locke blew up the submarine.
* Dude! Otherville is haunted by Christian Shepherd! Who can pick up stuff, so is he not an apparition or whatevs?
* Okay, ABC, you got me curious about The Unusuals. Shut up now.
* "I'm sorry, but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you."
* What's Sawyer reading, I wonder.
* Jack is such a b-hole. Srsly.
* Basically, Sawyer is rad.
* Awww, look at little Ben, bringing Sayid a sandwich.
* I love this freaking show.


b3n said...

Radzinsky's not that bad... He's just your every day IT guy y'know?

Jesse said...

best. show. ever.

i really really hope sawyer and juliet make it out of this mess together (so of course they won't)

burning question: Where the frak is desmond!?