Interviewing With the Starz! - Christina Brinkerhoff

This week's victimmmer I mean interviewee is Christina B. We went to school together. She blogs here. She's married to my buddy Brandt, who blogs here. I slept on their couch on my way out to Cleveland a couple years back where they showed me around Chicago and filled me so full of deep dish pizza that I thought I was going to die (in a good way). Take it away, C.B.:

Name: Christina B.

Hometown: League City, TX

Occupation: Account Manager

Favorite type of donut:
Raspberry filled if from Shipley's or Bowtie if from Dunkin Donuts

Would you rather be mauled by a bear, stung to death by bees or eaten by a shark? Why?
D- None of the above. I've been thinking about this one for days. Those are all awful ways to go. I prefer in my sleep, thank you very much. What kind of demented person comes up with those scenarios?

Um, me?

If your life were a song, what song would it be?
Really hard to answer. I don't really listen to music so I can't think of a good one but I would have to say maybe something old and classic, none of this Brittney Spears or Aaron Carter stuff.

If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?
It would probably be Dr. Seuss's: The Butter Battle Book. It's a trip and it teaches a good lesson. War on toast … brilliant.

If you had your way, where would you live out the rest of your days and how?
I would live on a transatlantic cruise ship. That way I could eat really tasty and really fancy food, see hundreds of different places and never have to pack my things up.

What would you like your tombstone read? (Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you)
I would want mine to say, "See you soon!"

The Three Stooges or the Marx Brothers?
Ummm… Who are the Marx Brothers again?

What three TV shows can you not miss?
Lost! The Office! My Name is Earl!

If you could erase one social problem with the flick of yr wrist, what would it be and why?
People smacking gum or food because this is one of the most annoying things in the world to me. By eradicating this I would be a lot nicer of a person riding the train in the morning and doesn't the world need that?

Who was your earliest remembered crush?
Brian from 3rd grade. I don't even remember his last name but I chose him to be on my basketball team in P.E. because he was hot and awesome at basketball. We won, by the way. Undefeated.

What five things do you hope people know or think about you?
That I'm funny, that I'm skinny (well, not while I'm pregnant) that I make good food, that I'm fun to be around and that I'm not vain :)

What three things are you terrified that people know or think about you?
That I am scared of:
2.Dead people and
3.People hiding in my apartment

Hold on, I'm just making note: "Dress up like a dead vampire and hide in Christina's closet. This will scare the living bejeepers out of her." There. Okay next question: The Stones or the Who?
Since that's not really my flavor I'm going to say the Who because I know that they do the intro theme songs to the C.S.I. shows and I used to watch the C.S.I. shows. I don't anymore because I made a deal with God that if I stopped watching those shows He would help me to have better dreams and be less scared being alone and the dark. So far I've kept my part of the bargain and He's done a pretty good job too. There was that time when I thought it might be okay to watch it for 1 minute and a dude ended up getting decapitated during that one minute. Never again … never again. Does that answer your question?

If you could have any super power (flight, x-ray vision, the ability to talk to undersea creatures, etc.), what would it be and why?
The ability to breathe under water because I've had many dream where I am trying to escape from a bad guy and am hiding under the water. I always think when I'm in the water that I can't come up for air because he might find me and then all of a sudden, when I think I can't hold my breathe any more and I succumb to breathing in water and drowning, I can breathe! It's the best feeling ever.

What is the deal with airline food?
What do you mean? I've only had it twice and it was good the first time and only bad the second because they ran out of chicken and only had fish right before it was my chance to choose. Plus, you can't be picky … it's not like they have a full kitchen in the back to make you a fancy meal. Frozen food is frozen food.

What is your greatest unrealized ambition?
To open my very own bakery. I would have beautifully tasty cupcakes that only cost $2 instead of $4, I'd have HUGE muffins with HUGE berries, I'd have cheesecake tarts with raspberry sauce, I'd have oatmeal chocolate chip cookies- always just out of the oven, I'd have warm bread with honey … mmm … That would be awesome.

Most embarrassing moment ever. Go!
Now if it was so embarrassing that it was the embarrassing moment why would I announce it to the world (yes, the world reads this blog). Sorry, that moment is staying with me and the 4 people who witnessed it.


And there you have it.

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