AIGA Portfolio Review In SLC

Went down to Salt Lake for the AIGA student portfolio review. It was a really great experience. Got some good feedback and an overwhelmingly positive response from the educators and professionals that viewed my work. It was a great dress rehersal for my interview with Brian Peterson this Thursday.

Also got to hear Dana Arnett from VSA Partners (they do phenomenal work, check them out at www.vsapartners.com) speak and he was insightful, inspiring and, well, hilarious.

Here's some pictures:

Getting set up at the Crandall Building, a cool old building that must have been a bank or a jewelry store (there were two huge vault doors at the back of the room) in a previous life.

Me minding the shop.

My table. The modular calendar sitting there was a really big hit. I think I'll submit it in the student art show along with a few other pieces.

End of the night. Tired as heck but still smiling.

This was a great opportunity and an excellent educational experence. It was nice to know that, well, I don't suck. I was talking to one of the reviewers who was complimenting my work and I asked him, point-blank: "So I don't suck?" The conversation went pretty much like this:
"No. This is good work."
"Thank goodness. The worst part about sucking is that you don;t know that you suck."
So, I don't suck. Yay!

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