Aaaaah! The Sweet Stink of Nostalgia

Went to the library with Sadie today to pick up Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, which was being held for me, and saw this beauty of a book as we were walking out.

Well, you know I just had to check it out. I've been glancing through it and let me tell you, the stench of sweat, sand, summer and imaginations running wild is all over in this book. Mmmmm.

Weather's been nice. Went to the park with Sades and ran around for an hour or so. Candace had to work today, but it was fun to have some time, just me and her. I miss her and Candace a lot lately, seems like we're hardly together some days. Oh well, it'll all be over soon, right?

Bottom line: I love that girl and I love being a dad. Also: G.I. Joes rule.

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