Some More Work

Here's some of my recent work.

A poster I did for Comic Frenzy, a comedy troupe on campus. I like it, though some student felt the need to notify me that it wasn't funny via some grafitti on one of the posters.

Another Comic Frenzy poster, this one for BYU-Idaho's Mother's Week. I was a little scared of this one because I was warned that they might be reall ypicky about this because the Mother's Week show's a big one for them but then it sold out weeks ago, so I was given carte blanche to make this monstrosity. Fun stuff.

Here's another Mother's week poster, this one for Activities Communication, my other job. It's for a mother & son/daughter bake-off. The little "It's On Like Donkey Kong" easter egg wasn't picked up on until after th posters were printed, which makes me very happy.

Another Activities Comm project. I was given the Heritage Week Showcase job with about three days to come up with an interesting concept that could be carried through: a 44" x 45" kiosk poster, a 22" x 45 " half-kiosk poster, an 18" x 22" easel poster, 11" x 17" posters, a web banner, a quarter-sheet flyer, and table tents. Basically, the whole kit & kaboodle. i came up with a quick concept and got cracking. I actually love this project, as did the client. When the project manager brought it to their meeting, it got a standing ovation. Yay.

Here's the kiosk:

The half-kiosk:

The easel:

The 11" x 17":

The web banner:

The flyer:

The table tent:

I liked the idea of taking this simple, iconic image and repeating it with subtle variations rather than just taking the same image, same size, etc. and just repeating it exactly every time.

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Candace said...

Dylan -

I love all this! I know that I've already told you that, but wanted to post it here also. I can't even choose a favorite....Mother's Weekend Comic Frenzy? or the bake off? I don't know. They're all so good.

Love you,