Perfect Albums, v.2

This is a good one, and an album that took me totally by surprise. Change by the Dismemberment Plan. Picked it up on a whim @ Big B's and was promptly blown away by its sheer awesomeness. They've since broken up, and while former lead singer Travis Morrison's solo album Travistan was good, it doesn't quite reach the heights this album, along with its predecessor, Emergency & I managed to. Their earlier work (speaking primarily of their debut album !) is stereotypical math rock (weird time changes, skronky, angular guitars) and while there are echos of that on this disc, there's a much stronger, emotionally arresting honesty that cuts to your center without managing to snivel all over like an emo band would.

Favorite lyrics (as of right now):
"And it should be as easy as telling a scab from a scar/Well I don’t know." - Come Home

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