Was Sick as A Dog

got the flu or something Monday night after I set letterpress type @ the campus. Spent all of yesterday and a good part of today recouperating. Watched the Goonies for like the millionth time and sttill chuckled and got swept up in it. It seems a bit longer near the end than I remember it being, but still, one of my top 20 favorites.

Also watched Walk the Line and loved the blazing hell out of it. Just a sweet, real life love story, the kind that you want to hear. Talked to Bryan about it and he said he thought it was too much about June Carter and not enough about the legend of Johnny Cash, but I don't see how you could talk about one ithout the other. She obviously made him the man he was, the strong, cool sonuva he was, is and eternally will be. She pulled him up and made him be something better than what he was, made him be the legend that was lurking inside him. To try to separate the two would be dishonest and unfair. The film's a beautiful testament to their lovein specific and to the transformative power of love in general, and for that, I admire it.

And as long as we're talking about the transformative power of true love, I love Candace. I'm a lucky man to have found her and for having her stick around. She's one in a million. Love ye, baby.

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