Okay, so I got an e-mail from iTunes about the new Flaming Lips Album, At War With the Mystics, telling me that if I pre-order it, I can get a load of bonus tracks. Now I normally don't download music cuz I'm old-school and like poring over the packaging but shoot, I'll be darned if I didn't just pre-order it. I got to download their new single, "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song...(With All Your Power)," and it melted my brains - in a good way. I know it's cool to not like these guys anymore, but I don't care - they rule. Looking forward to it.

Also, I'm gonna make a CD for my good buddy Ryan, who's a bit stressed out about his upcoming move to Denver. I'll post the tracklist and maybe the cover once it's done. Ryan, if yr reading this I love ya. Peaceoutdawg4evah!!!1!

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