Anybody Want Some Free Stuff?

Okay, so I'm going to pimp some of my favorite online services, both of which are giving free trials so you can also know of their goodness.

First off, there's eMusic. It's an online download service that specializes in independent music. You pay a flat fee and get a ration of downloads per month. Right now, I'm on a 40 downloads for $9.99 plan. Now, I'm no mathematician, but that, mein freunds, is what we in "the bizz" call "a steal." I can send you an email for a two week, free 25 downloads (no strings!) trial. Lemme know.

Next up is Netflix. It is the rad. If you are still going to the video store weekly only to wander around and then end up waiting in the super-long line to rent something you don't even really want to watch anyway, well friends, you are lame. And probably a Communist. And you probably don't recycle. Or bathe regularly, if at all. Anyway, I got an email that will give anyone I send it to a free one month trial. That's two weeks longer than their normal trial. That is the rad.

So, if you are interested in trying either of these services, email me and I will hook. you. up. Cuz that is how I roll.


Anonymous said...

What typeface are you using here? and is that halftone I see? Genius, pure genius.

Talk to you later - Br&Chr

Dylan said...

The typeface is called Futile. It's just a display face I got from Dafont. And yes, it's halftone. It's my schtick. As far as the whole "genius," thing... whoa there. Slow down. I'm just a guy. A guy with a bunch of halftone dots. Genius? Not so much.

How the heck are you guys? Hope to hear from you soon. Are you in Chicago? What the heck is goin' on?