This Is My Life, Day 3

Last Saturday night, Candace went to the Relief Society broadcast, leaving sis and me alone for the evening. So we did the masculine thing and went shopping.

We hit Kmart and Walmart for some clamps and CD jewel cases (I still have a spindle of stuff I got from Bryan last time we were down in Vegas) and scoured DI for some cool stuff. I needed a hardbound book to use as an example for Book Arts and I found a rad old English book with an olive green cover with an orange exclamation mark on it (I'll post some scans of this sometime because I think it is really cool - if you couldn't tell by my gushing all about it), some National Geographic issues from the magical year of 1977, and these super-duper-rad Little Golden books.

The one on top is from the mid-50's and it is cuh-razy. It's about this kid who loves merry-go-rounds and has a dream to build one that has real animals on it instead of wooden ones. Well, he grows up and realizes his dream, but the animals freak the grown-ups out. So he does what any rational human being would do - he paints the animals to look wooden. That way the adults don't get freaked out by the thought of their kids riding on the backs of wild animals, and the kids get to ride on the backs of wild animals painted to look like wooden animals. It's a win-win situation. Entirely logical. And crazy.

Anyway, the illustrations are really cool and I just knew that it must me mine forever and ever. I'll have to post some scans sometime soon.

The title, by the way is The Marvelous Merry-Go-Round. It should maybe be subtitled This Book Is So Amazing That After Reading It Your Head May Explode. Or have some kind of warning of it's mind-blowingness. Anyway, that's my life.

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