it's SHOWBIZZZ, baby!

Comic Frenzy poster. i got the assignment Monday night and they needed it by Tuesday morning. Churned out in like three or so hours (who needs sleep?). I loves it. I'll admit it, I sorta stole from one of the half-sheet flyers I did for Bryan's new band, the Novelty Act (their Myspace page is here*) but I liked it a lot and wanted badly to see something like it in color. So here it is. I've entitled it... SHOWBIZZZ!

*WARNING: this blog, Big Red Robot, its affiliated corporations and parent company, Globoservrobotics, Inc., do in no way endorse the horrific abberation that is MySpace and hereby absolve itself from any kind of injuries, physical, metaphysical or otherwise, resulting from use of aforemetioned horrific abberation.

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Castle Rocker said...

That is a great piece of art. I really like it.

It's weird, but a lot of your best work will come after the sun goes down. Some art directors have cots in their ad agency offices.