Okay, I'm Back

Yesterday turned out okay. The slightly emo day has gone away, hopefully forever. Over the next few days, I'll be posting a few random Polaroids of the things and people that surround me. I've entitled this segment, This Is My Life.

I bought a Polaroid camera a long time ago (Candace & I weren't even married yet, I believe) with the intent to capture things that struck me as beautiful or strange or noteworthy. There's something charming about the immediacy and unpredictability of a Polaroid. The shots never, ever, ever turn out how you think they will, no matter how much you try to properly frame your shot, but once you resign yourself to that fact, you find yourself happier with the outcome.

It's similar to the appeal of Holga or Lomo or other toy cameras, I guess; the whole "Don't think, just shoot," aesthetic. So, the last couple of days I took that mantra to heart and tried to capture things that meant something to me. So, ladies and gents, This Is My Life, in quickly-snapped pictures.

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Castle Rocker said...

I can't wait to see the beauty that surrounds you. This is a great idea.