This Is My Life, Day 2

Candace and I were talking about how weird it will be when we don't have Maddy around some day. She's getting older (we've had her for four - five? - years now and she was probably around two when we got her), and it's something I'm not looking forward to. This bout of canine existential dread was brought on by Candace's reading the world's saddest book like ever: Marley & Me. Seriously, every time I looked over at her while she was reading it, she was sniffling and teary. "Marley's always puking on the Persian rug," she'd explain through suppressed sobs. Anyway, I love my little black and white friend. Ever since I brought her home from the shelter, her little body shivering against me the whole way, we've been buds. She's cute, loyal and crazy, so basically - she fits in.

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