Feeding the Blog Beast

No time for a proper post tonight (which is a shame, as I would have really liked to get around to posting about our trip to Big Fun yesterday... maybe I'll get to it tomorrow?), as I have been busy writing a talk for tomorrow as well as crafting this baby for my brother Bryan's band, the Novelty Act:

Bryan told me to make it "fun" and "psychedelic." I decided to show a straight-laced kid who has just had a severe mind-altering experience. What are those things shooting out of his head? Are they the neon lights of Vegas? Glowing bits of the cosmos? Brain cells taxed beyond their limit by chemicals best left uningested? There's only one way to find out: go see the show. If you're in town, that is. I nany case, here's their MySpace page, if that's your bag. That's my little brother! He is singing! On the internets! Yay!

Anyway, that's all I have time for.

I gotta hustle.

As in "Do the..."



Patti said...

First Friday is fun . . . I will send the artwork around my office in an email. It's cool (your creation, not my office).

b3n said...

just listened to what he has posted on his myspace. besides feeling dirty for being on that site to begin with, i was awed by his voice. still can't shake the myspace shivers though.