"I Put the Wheels In Motion, A Time For Big Decisions"

There comes a time in a man's life when he's faced with a decision that just must be made. The lady or the tiger? Soup or salad? The orange tie or the orange-er tie?

Well, dear readers, I am faced with a similar, King Solomon-esque, decision of immense proportions: which version of the new Spoon album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, to purchase?

There's the CD with a bonus disc featuring exclusive tracks or there's the super-sweet LP featuring a coupon that allows you to download mp3 tracks from the Merge site (including the bonus tracks) or I can wait and download it from eMusic OR I can just buy it from like Best Buy when it comes out.

Do you see my dillemma? It is of immense proportions! I am totally freaking out over here!

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b3n said...

do you have a record player? if the answer is yes, then i believe that the obvious solution is 'lp'. you know you'll get the most enjoyment out of spinning that sucker up and listening to it through headphones or speakers when you're home. don't get me wrong, i love me some cd quality, but there's nothing like a record. just ask bob dylan(wow, i can't believe i found that link, i read it back when modern times came out... it's amazing what a non-clouded mind (and google) will do for you). you also know that even if you get the cd, you will end up ripping it to mp3 and putting it on your ipod for whenever you're not home.

at least i think you know that stuff... really, i was just saying that you know that stuff to try to convince you to buy the lp because then i'd be happier for some weird vicarious-living reason... i think i made it all the way through this comment without capitalizing one word. ben 1, english language 0.