He's A Rocket Man

Dude. I was checking Veer's "Ideas" section again and found this nugget. Some of it's amazing, some of it's merely cool, some is unimaginatively obvious and not at all cool. But still, who'd have expected so much amazing art produced in the name of He Who Has Gone Where No Man Has Gone Before - William "the Transformed Man" Shatner?

I did mention it was a link for a recent art show featuring artist's renditions of William Shatner, didn't I? I didn't? Well it is. And it's fairly impressive.

In keeping with Shatner's career over the last 20 years or so, it's all incredibly self-deprecating. I admire the man's ability to laugh at himself, because really, when your entire career is built on playing an oversexed astronaut (and it's amazing how quickly the image of Captain James T. Kirk pops int one's mind when you think of Shatner isn't it? It's like T.J. Hooker never existed. And that's a shame, really.), if you can't laugh at yourself, well... it's garden hoses and exhaust fumes, I guess. Or, you know, numbing the pain with alcohol.

So, well played Captain William T. Shatner, Canada's Favorite Son. Shine on, you crazy diamond. Shine on.


Patti said...

I could NOT agree more . . . Denny Crane, that's all I'm saying. He really CAN laugh at himself.

I share the same appreciation for him.

Patti said...

BHAHAHAHA . . .I just saw the label "luxurious chest hair".

Candace said...

i didn't notice the label.....too funny