"Hail Atlantis!"

So, my buddy and Mostly Funny co-host Ryan Adams is looking at an advertising school in the fabled city of Atlantis. I polled a few citizens to get their reactions to this news. You can read their responses here.

Needless to say, the undersea world is pretty psyched about this possibility. Can you blame them?

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to interview Roy Scheider or any of the rest of the crew from Seaquest DSV, mainly because it was a reference that approximately no one (except maybe Huston or Bryan) would have got.

I also tried to interview the Little Mermaid, but man, she is a hussy. She's like the Christina (or is it still X-tina? In any case, she's masty) Aguilera of the briny deep. Seriously, is anybody else kind of grossed out that they mention in the movie that she's all of 16 and then that prince dude is all over her?! WTH? And then [spoiler alert!] they get married at the end? And the dad's totally cool with that? Double WTH? Are mer-people the hillbillies of the deep or what? I guess I shouldn't expect much from a race that's basically the result of heavy drinking and fishing*, but come on, she's 16?!

This is another classic example of crack-smoking over at Disney. Did nobody stop for a minute and say, "Wait, should we change this line to say that she's 18? It won't change anything else, bit it makes it a little less creepy. Let's just change that. And... done."?

Anyway, so good luck, Castlerocker. Go rock the big "A". And watch out for the wasps down there, right Chubby Da Choona?

For those of you playing along at home, that was Obscure Pop Culture Reference That Nobody Got #3 (#1- the Donovan reference in the title, #2 - Seaquest DSV, and finally, #3 - a Seaguy reference)... which, according to the Official Blogging Rulebook™ means I am now officially disqualified for this post. I will be sitting in the penalty box until the count of "127-Mississippi." [sigh]

*Bring on the pro-mer-people hate mail! And while we're offending imaginary creatures, have I mentioned that I think that centaurs are filthy, filthy creatures? And don't even get me started on leprechauns...


Candace said...

you know, nobody notices that mention of the little mermaid being 16.

you are too much though.....funny. funny stuff.

Allen TenBusschen said...

maybe she is 16 in mer years, which in human years is like 87, so it is really awkward. On a related note, this girl in my high school got married at 16, that was the weirdest thing ever, no joke the girl would always say she was from saturn, she also would never walk only run in short sprints, and never walked on a crack in the tiles (presumably to save her mother's back, but I am not jumping to conclusions, maybe it is a saturn thing) so getting married at 16 = insane in the membrane

Chanel said...

thats what happens when you have an overbearing father- consider yourself warned.