All Aboard the Friend Ship

Listen we're friends, right? And friends look our for each other. Friends - real, true friends who care - don't let their friends do things they will regret, like wear Zubas or watch Fred Claus or eat at the Boston Market (aka "the Easy Way to get Food Poisoning"). I'm looking out for your well-being, as you would look out for mine.

Cuz we tight like that.

So trust me when I tell you that you must, must get this album in your life immediately:

Darondo - Let My People Go. You must own this album. It's like James Brown and Al Green had a baby, and if you are at all familiar with the concept of radness, you will recognize this as ten kinds of rad. If not then, well, maybe we should reconsider this so-called "friendship".

However you get it into your life, get it in there. From one friend to another. You will thank me.


cbhoff said...

So I just realized the other day what the B*R*R* in B*R*R* Goes to the Movies is. It's Big Red Robot. I'm so smart.

Caitlin said...

I love it when I see the label "I have a music problem" on your posts.

Dave L said...

I guess this guy has been around for a while...