Oh Deer! There Is Poo On My Foot!

Last night I had a dream that a deer intentionally and maliciously put its rump down on my foot and defecated on it. I think it may have even looked at me all mean-like while it was doing its business. It also scooted its poo-bum on the carpet in order to get back at us humans for whatever indignities we have heaped upon the poor, beautiful creatures.

And this wasn't normal deer poo either, all small and round like it came from a slightly large rabbit. This was nasty, thick, horse-like-but-grosser poo. Smelly and warm and ick.

I woke up immediately after and was trying to find the best way to sleep without putting my deer-poo-foot on the covers. It took me a while before I realized it was a dream and that there was, in fact, no deer poo stuck on my foot.


Also, this is a true story, though I wish it weren't.

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b3n said...

Are you a fan of The Office? I'm talking about the Steve Carrel version (not the far superior Ricky Gervais version). The reason I asked is because last night on TBS I saw one where someone left a "message" for Steve in his office. Your dream reminded me of that. I don't normally watch that show, but we just caught that episode last night. It's the third full episode I've seen. I like it, it's a funny one.