Date With IKEA

I've made no secret that David Byrne is my hero, rock&roll or otherwise. I recently discovered his online journal, hosted over at his website. It you want a good dose of David Byrne awesome, check this recent post on his first trip it IKEA.

Dude is so my hero.

P.S.: Also, the Knee Plays, Byrne's score for an avant garde play, is being reissued. I purchased the LP (vinyl, baby!) while Candace and I honeymooned in San Francisco all those years ago and am pretty excited for a (relatively) new David Byrne album.


b3n said...

And no, these aren't obligatory comments because I feel bad that it's been over a week since I've commented.

chanel said...

loved the deer poo story! the funniest thing is you wakign up and not wanting to put your foot on anything! classic!