Someday Somebody Else Besides Me Will Call Me By My Stage Name: "Dr. Worm"

Want to learn the drums? Well you're in luck:

Which got me thinking about this excellent TMBG song (pardon the crappy YouTube upload... just listen):

Now let's go express man's primal heartbeats by beating on stuff! Yeah!


Dave L said...

So, I want a drumset. I wont have room for one for another 50 million years but I can still want it right?

TMBG is great.

One other thing, is that drummer man the guy from 30 Rock that Liz thought was a terrorist?

Dylan said...

Yeah. It's Fred Armisen. He's on SNL, too. I was going to post about how it's so odd that SNL isn't funnier because when you list out their current cast you get this:

Fred Armisen - Funny
Will Forte - Funny
Bill Hader - Pretty Funny
Darrell Hammond - A great mimic, and those guys are only sorta funny as a rule of thumb
Amy Poehler - Hecka funny
Maya Rudolph - Ditto
Andy Samberg - Funny, but not as funny as he thinks he is
Jason Sudeikis - (aka Floyd from 30 Rock) Pretty funny
Kenan Thompson - As funny as the Goodburger kid can be, which is, sorta funny
Kristen Wiig - Way funny

So, what's the problem? Well, I'd point blame at the writing, namely head writer Seth Myers who wouldn't know funny if it dropped from the sky and severely clobbered him in the head-ular area.

Candace said...

hey BRR,

totally unrelated but check this out.